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In this age of nuclear families and women empowerment, it is common to see households with working couples/single parents constantly on the lookout for quality day care-givers for their school going children. Though many options are available parents are often left desiring for better professional care for their precious one. No parent can work in peace if they are constantly worried about the quality of care being provided to their little one
Experiential Learning

What Makes
Little Elly Unique?

At Little Elly, children test out ideas, engage in playful problem solving, ask questions, learn skills, explore concepts and express themselves freely, as they develop a better sense of themselves and the world around them. We have integrated the best of the world’s preschool curriculums, to develop the most innovative, nourishing environment for your child.
Preschool Curriculums
Our specially designed ‘concept rooms’ nurture ‘multi-sensorial development’ and ‘experiential learning’.

A happy space where like little buzzing honeybees, children busily soak up the nectar of life developing fundamental skills that are age-appropriate, and yet, individually paced. Our teachers are trained to guide a little mind through curious explorations and to encourage dialogue and playtime conversations.

Our children are happy thinkers, tinkerers, singers, creators and storytellers. We gift children the joy of free play and a nurturing space so they can turn blank canvases into vivid masterpieces and playroom concepts into everyday magic.

The icing on the cake?

Little Elly was dreamed up nearly two decades ago by two parents and educational specialists devoted to childcare just like you – eager, enthusiastic, dedicated, passionate – on the lookout for a happy learning environment that will cherish and nurture their little one. A magical space that never stresses, but gently stretches and nudges a child to come into his or her own.

The Little Elly Method

~ A holistic balanced bouquet ~ Montessori. Waldorf. Gardner. Bloom.

The Little Elly method is a thoughtfully curated amalgamation of some of the world’s most celebrated and trusted early childhood educational approaches – of Maria Montessori, Waldorf Steiner, Howard Gardner & Benjamin Bloom – that are expertly intertwined to infuse a child’s growing environment with the most wondrous developmental aids, stimuli and opportunities.

Early Childhood Educational Approaches

A fun adventure.


Our fun infused preschool program designed for the age group of 1 – 6 years covers over 80 skills and concepts through stories, activities, books, music, puzzles, posters, games and uniquely designed audio-visual aids.

Children enjoy navigating the exciting adventures of ‘Elly World’ and the ‘Natterjack Forest’ as they are encouraged to LOOK, READ, MAKE and DO with “Olly” the knowledgeable owl & “Elly”the congenial elephant as special learning companions. Not to forget the joyful relatable threesome of Molly, the mirthful monkey, and, Arya & Ria, as constant learn ‘n’ play buddies. Our specially adapted imported English program promotes exceptional pronunciation, modulation, diction and other finer nuances of linguistic learning.

Thoughtfulness in every detail

Felt but unseen.

Learning at Little Elly

Learning at Little Elly is inspired by observation and a teacher’s intuitive recognition of how fully and well a student has absorbed every concept taught – unlike in traditional classrooms.

The teacher nurtures each individual child with opportunities to learn independently, and from one another, creating an environment that naturally encourages the child to continue learning where he or she left off – at his or her own pace.

At Little Elly, every student learns, grows, blooms and reaches their highest truest potential. We truly believe that ‘every child can learn’ but not just not on the same day or the same way.

Growing Into Little ‘Me’.

The Happy Holistic Way. ~ Key Focus Areas ~

A Circle of Care
~ Safe. Nurturing. Well-Equipped ~

Outdoor Play Area

Indoor Play Area

Sand Pit

Early & Focussed Learning Rooms

Stage for Music & Movement

Story Corner

Creative Corner

Reading Corner

Neat & Child-Safe Premises

Clean Toilets

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Day Care Facility

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