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Program: Toddler


Age criteria: 18 months +
(Adult to child ratio- 1:5)
The toddler curriculum at Little Elly is well structured and designed to encourage the holistic development of children who are in the process of rapid physical and cognitive development. The emphasis is on creating a supportive and engaging atmosphere for toddlers' growth and development through their critical years of learning.

The curriculum focuses to develop basic skills such as:

Constructive play
Sensory exploration
Mark making learning
Artistic movement
Emergent Literacy
Program: Play Group

Play Group

age 2 Years +
(Adult to child ratio- 2:15)
The Playgroup Program at Little Elly focuses on happy learning evolving in the school environment. We concentrate on the wholesome development of the child by conducting age–appropriate activities. Our Monthly theme includes an engaging package of hands-on activities blended with STEM-based learning.

The curriculum focuses to develop basic skills such as:

Pre-writing skills
Cognitive development
Social and emotional learning
Gross and fine motor skills
Language and communication skills
Exploring the world through themes
Early literacy and pre- math concepts
Program: nursery


age 3 Years +
(Adult to child ratio- 2:18)
The Nursery Program at Little Elly is well-equipped with concepts that mould our little tots as inquisitive learners. The education journey of a child is fostered through the love for learning. The focus is to strike a balance between play based learning blending it with structured learning.

The curriculum focuses to develop basic skills such as:

Communication Skills
Dramatic play and role play
Story Time
Visual stimulation through play
Hands on learning
Literacy and Math concepts
Introduction of Phonics
Sensory based learning
Program: LKG


age 4 Years +
(Adult to child ratio- 2:20)
The LKG program at Little Elly caters to our curious learners. Here the focus for kids is to learn concepts through hands-on learning and to encourage them to express themselves by building a strong vocabulary. We create an environment to set up a clear and consistent routine for the children.

The curriculum focuses to develop basic skills such as:

Mindful activities
Spoken language
Social skills and creative arts
Pre-reading skills
Regional languages
General awareness
Program: UKG


age 5 Years +
(Adult to child ratio- 2:20)
The UKG program at Little Elly focuses on building the foundational skills to prepare children to learn more advanced concepts and develop independent reading and writing skills. Here we create a supportive and stimulating learning environment and prepare them to build a strong foundation for formal schooling.

The curriculum focuses to develop basic skills such as:

Independent reading and writing skills
Mathematical concepts
Advance phonics skills
Logical learning
Problem solving skills
Environmental awareness

Daycare Facility

Our daycare facilities provide a child-friendly environment with a stimulating curriculum that includes various interest-focused activities for different age groups.

Trained and competent staff
Open door policy for parents
Headed by a visionary leadership team
Our 12-month academic year allows for admissions into the daycare at any point during the year.
Day Care

Admissions Open for 2024-25!!

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