Morning Rituals for a Happy Day

Kids Morning Rituals

Often it is said that those who prepare for tomorrow own it. Creating a morning routine for children and putting it into practice is a significant step in laying the groundwork for your child’s bright and hopeful future. A morning routine for toddlers is an efficient way to instill discipline, prevent procrastination, and encourage children to be naturally active.



  • Plan it the Night Before: – The approach requires that you guarantee the essential things are ready in the right place and at the right time. Let us remember a few pre-arrangements that can be done, for example, to see if the school homework is completed and organized, arranging the school backpack in prior, and ironing the school uniform neatly. You can think of any other arrangements that have to be kept ready. Additionally, to minimize fussy behavior amongst your toddlers, ensure they get a good night’s sleep. These are the approaches you should be prepared for before your child gets up in the morning. 


  • Have a pleasant breakfast: In your toddler’s morning routine chart, always remember to set out 15 minutes for breakfast. Breakfast provides a whole slew of advantages that help your child’s growth and energy levels throughout the day. Do not take any chances in missing out on nourishing your child with the essential nutrients. It is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle regimen.


  • To Make a Morning Routine Chart:  For younger children, use images instead of words on the morning routine chart. Include all the tasks to complete independently or with little help like Brushing the teeth, Combing the hair, Washing the face, Getting dressed up, Eating Breakfast, Putting the shoes on, Grabbing the  backpack/lunchbox.
  • Make Weekends a special one: On weekends, it’s a good idea to stick to the program as much as possible. Please ensure that your child gets enough sleep, but you may take advantage of the slower pace by preparing a special breakfast or having reading time before going through the daily ritual of brushing teeth and their hair. You may even establish a new weekend ritual, such as making pancakes or spending time with your family watching cartoons.

As children get comfortable with the morning routine, continue the same for overall developmental stages. Talk about each of the accomplished routine tasks as you go on with it. The Morning routine pattern will assist you in identifying any mistakes or the need to re-order some of the practices. 

Encourage children to take ownership of these duties during the morning routine, rather than doing everything for them. While it may be quicker in the short term to put their trousers on for them, you will be contributing to a power struggle that will cost you time and stress in the long run.


If they are running late, be calm and composed and avoid shouting at them. It is your responsibility to teach your child about the consequences of skipping morning rituals.

Make them self-sufficient so that they don’t have to rely on you for everything

In all arenas, a structured plan allows no space for delays. It is always preferable to plan ahead of time rather than panicking at the last minute.