Sensory Strategies

Need for Sensory Strategies for Preschoolers

As a parent, you may or may not be  aware that each child achieves success in his/her own unique way, both socially and intellectually. The kids have a wide range of learning styles, problems, and gifts. Your ability to meet your child’s wants, offer access to their education, and support their social and emotional growth determines their success. Children with impairments can also be given an opportunity by providing varied sensory strategies by parents at home. Children with special needs

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Positive Guidance For Preschoolers

At” Little Elly”, we believe young children are innately valuable, deserving of our love and respect. These preschoolers are still emotionally and socially maturing. They are new to the school environment and have little life experience and verbal ability, therefore they require our assistance. We need to lead children’s social and emotional development by constantly guiding them to cope with their new environment. Positive guidance is founded on the idea that any method of child guidance should emphasise the development

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Outdoor activities

Outdoor Safety Tips for Children

Every parent’s main concern is keeping their child safe when they are out of sight, whether on their route to or from school, in the park, or anywhere else. However, the best method to protect them is to teach your child certain safety skills. What Parents can do: Set limits for your child in terms of where they go, who they see, and what they do. Always be aware of where your child is? Make it a rule that before

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Aggressive Behavior in Toddlers

Ways to Minimize Aggressive Behavior in Toddlers new

Ways to Minimize Aggressive Behavior in Toddlers Little Elly, one of the best play schools in India, helps nurture the good in them. These Kindergarten schools not only indulge children in creative learning but also sow the seed of better communication and mannerisms. Being one of leading pre nursery schools, we believe in bringing the best out of children.   If you’re a parent of a toddler, you’re probably aware of their ability to feel and express a wide range

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virtual_ learning 3

Tips to keep your toddler motivated during virtual learning

Although there are a lot of uncertainties that come with virtual learning, making sure your child stays on track educationally is the top most priority right now. Along with keeping your toddler on a consistent schedule and ensuring they’re spending the right amount of time on their work, keeping little ones focused is certainly the key. With preschool being conducted entirely online, it can be especially tough to stay focused and motivated. It’s important (and sometimes challenging) for toddlers to

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