One of the best play schools
in India, helps nurture
the good in our students


Building Resilience in Children

Resilience is the ability to ‘bounce back’ after challenges and tough times.

Teaching Good Manners to our children

Good manners and etiquette are a very important part of raising the children

Motivating child-friendly chores and responsibilities by parents

Children as young as two years old can start taking up household tasks and small responsibilities at home.

Importance of getting involved with your kids’ Preschool

Parental involvement is very important for the kids success and also it enhances

Cognitive Development of Preschoolers at Home

Early childhood education has a substantial impact on the cognitive development of preschoolers in

Positive Guidance For Preschoolers

At” Little Elly”, we believe young children are innately valuable, deserving of our love and respect.

Implementing game-based learning in the preschool classroom by teachers

Creative expression through game learning sets up an environment in the preschool

A Happy Beginning to a School Life

Every parent has an expectation and anxiety when they first walk into the school life about their toddler fitting in a play group. This is just a natural

Ways to Minimize Aggressive Behavior in Toddlers

Little Elly, one of the best play schools in India, helps nurture the good in them. These Kindergarten schools not only indulge children in creative learning

Tips to keep your toddler motivated during virtual learning

Although there are a lot of uncertainties that come with virtual learning, making sure your child stays on track

Self-Care Tips for Busy Parents

It’s likely that you don’t have any time for yourself these days. To be truly present for your children,

Preschool or formal school

Discussions in most parent forums in recent times revolve around the choice of school and pros and cons

Morning Rituals for a Happy Day

Often it is said that those who prepare for tomorrow own it. Creating a morning routine

Handy Tips To Be A More Effective Parent

Listen The problem with parents is that we think that we know best. To be fair, we often do.

Do not reach for smartphone

At playschools we indulge children through these activities so they’re always engaged

Importance of Brain Gym Exercises in Children

Only when both the brain and body are given sufficient exercise,

Pick up a Book and Read to your Child!

“I had a mother who read to me Sagas of pirates who scoured the sea,

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