A Happy Beginning to a School Life

Beginning To a School Life

Every parent has an expectation and anxiety when they first walk into the school life about their toddler fitting in a play group. This is just a natural thing for any of us, however, have you ever tried to put your feet in their shoes to see the world like how they see? I think it’s time to ponder over this question a bit more, so as to learn more techniques and develop understanding about them to tackle and make it more easy for the little ones to adjust to the new environment in a healthy way. 

Every new environment is a challenge to the nursery school kids and they are quite skeptical about things going on around them. The first lesson is to have patience and not compare your child with the other kids in the class. Remember each child has a unique nature. Instead, take baby steps to help the child become comfortable in his new environment at her own pace. Example- One child may take just a few hours or may even take days to get adjusted to his new school. The faces in the class are new and can you imagine it would be difficult for the child to face this new situation and adjust to the new environment? 

Small pep talks with the kids-The parents can talk to the kids everyday about the routine in the school and the things they get to do in the classroom with other kids to learn new things. Build an excitement in them by making new friends at nursery classes. This helps them to calm their nerves and prepare them well in advance before the school session starts.

Cartoons and books– Pick a book or a cartoon that shows the school stories to educate them about the things that go on at school like making new friends and learning new skills. Reading a book related to school and a cartoon which shows the school repeatedly increases the awareness about the activities at school and motivates the child to positively prepare them to look forward to going to school happily.

Role play at home– Involve your child in a role play as a teacher or student at home. This helps them know the routine followed at school and gives them the purpose to attend school in a better way. This will also help them understand the use of things at school like books, a few fun nursery activities and understanding of the few expectations in the classroom. 

Create a routine at home– Parents should start preparing their child for the school well in advance by setting a routine at home. This helps both the parent and the child to adjust to the school timings that reduces the stress in the morning to help them get adjusted and also help them finish the morning rituals like bathing, using the washroom and eating breakfast in time. 


Familiarizing them with the nursery school environment-The parents can start preparing the kids well in advance by either taking them to the preschool that they are about to go to and showing them around the classroom and also introducing them to the teacher if possible, to familiarize them with the environment and weave their dreams about the school. This would definitely help them calm down and feel comfortable to attend the school on the first day.

Positive Assurance-One of the parents should offer to stay a bit longer in the classroom on the first day with their child. Assuring them that you are around waiting for them to pick them up after the school and showing up on time to pick them up after the class really helps the kids build trust and confidence in the first few days of school. 

 Take time to prepare well in advance and guide them without getting stressed or making them stressed. Your support and understanding is the most important thing that the child would  expect from you at this point of his life. Just let them be themselves and let  them blossom very soon with loving care and nurture and kick away their shyness to become a confident individual whom you will be proud of one day.

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