Preschool, Nursery & Play School in Perungudi, Chennai

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Preschool, Nursery & Play School in Perungudi, Chennai

Preschool, Nursery & Play School in Perungudi, Chennai



“Little Elly” one of the best preschools in Perungudi, offers a rich and diverse environment that helps your child grow in a developmentally appropriate way. We provide children with a safe, engaging, collaborative, and creative place to learn. At “Little Elly”, we foster an atmosphere of caring, respect, and understanding of one another and our world. We are committed to working together; parents, teachers, and children to ensure a high-quality and world-class preschool experience for all of our students in and around Perungudi area.  Our goal at “Little Elly” is to help foster your child’s growth during the first five crucial years with a child-centered & child-directed approach to learning.



“Little Elly” Perungudi, We have a 4200 sq.ft. area with well lit, air-conditioned, spacious , hygienic kids- friendly classrooms , indoor & outdoor play areas , with attached rest rooms for each classroom, Montessori area, Fun filled music and dance area with CCTV covered every nook and corner. We have a well equipped kitchen & dining to cater to the needs of the kids. We have highly skilled teachers and support staff. We conduct a lot of activities & there are celebrations not only for the kids but also for the parents so that they get to know the happenings inside the school. We have lunch dates for the kids to learn the habit of self- feeding and develop the skill of sustainability. We teach them gardening, fireless cooking, life skills also. Our celebrations are mostly involved with the parents and grandparents also. We have Pot- luck at the end of every term to let the parents and kids get to know each other and have fun. We will give our best to make our students & parents to look back at their childhood and love the memories we have had here with our “Little Elly” preschool making it an unforgettable experience for everyone.


Programs for Little Minds

   Our teaching philosophy is based on children’s natural, and very individual, interest in learning.
           By creating tailored learning plans for each child, we offer collaborative and joyful ways of learning.

Toddler Head Start

Toddler Head Start
1 Year Onwards

A developmental program that enriches the toddler’s motor skills & communication.

Play School Early Learning Program

Early Learning Program I / Playgroup 1.5 Years+

A 3-hour program designed to jumpstart the child’s developmental journey.

Preschool Early Learning Program

Early Learning Program II / Nursery 2.5 Years+

A nursery program that lays the foundation of holistic learning through Montessori techniques.

Focused Learning Program

Focused Learning Program I (LKG) and II (UKG) 3.5 Years+

The LKG & UKG programs provide opportunities to the children to effectively express themselves.

Best Play school Activities for Children

Holiday Camp 2-10 Years

Our Holiday Camps keep children constructively and meaningfully occupied during school holiday breaks.

Elly Club Nursery

Elly Club Nursery 2.5 Years+

Structured after-school activities that are fun, creative & unique for every child.

Centre Head :
Mrs. Deepika Ravi kumar

Mrs.Deepika Ravi kumar has completed her Engineering .Her passion has always been towards children and their development.  She has been a hands on MOM to her kids which has encouraged her to start up her own school to spread the love and joy of learning. 


Little Elly, Perungudi, Chennai

20, 6th Cross Street, Kurunji Nagar, Near Green Acre Apartments, Perungudi, Chennai – 600096

Email :
Tel : 8620020048
Tel : 9884607111
Tel : 044-42147744

Little Elly, Perungudi , Chennai

3, 8th Cross St, behind Appollo hospital & World Trade Centre, Phase-1, Thirumalai nagar, Perungudi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600096

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