Child Behavior Policy

The following general behaviour management strategies are frequently used at Little Elly:

  • Positive statements are made to encourage the child to do the right thing.
    For example:“Turn the pages carefully,” rather than “Don’t tear the book!”
  • Positive redirection is used to clarify when and where certain behaviour is acceptable.
    i.e., “We will walk “instead of “No running inside!”
  • Feelings are validated. Children are guided to socially acceptable means of articulating anger and frustration such as verbal expression, pounding play dough or a pillow.
  • The “deed” is separated from the “doer”. This relays the message that
    “I like you and accept you unconditionally. However, I do not like what you did.”
  • Good behaviour that we want to see continuously is reinforced. Examples of positive reinforcers include a smile, sticker charts, expressing thank you and other words of encouragement, such as
    “Let’s try it together.”