Choosing a Pre-school for your Child

““A reliable approach… than just looking at the price” with - “A preschool develops critical foundational aspects in your child with long term implications
Hence, validating the development claims made by preschools with other parents, than just looking at price will help make an informed choice"

We recognize choosing a preschool is one of the very critical decisions you will make on behalf of your child. In fact, medical research validates that a child’s foundational development takes place from 0 - 5 years. We take ownership of the significant role we play.

We acknowledge you have many choices with preschools; some competing on price and others making varying claims – and, as a Parent, this can get very confusing. A reliable approach can be to validate the claims being made by other preschools with other parents than just looking at the price – since this concerns the foundational development of your child with long term implications.

We can tell you a lot about why Little Elly leads the way in child development in the preschool industry and why the Little Elly Ananth Nagar Center is a leader in its own right. But, we think it will be more authentic and realistic for you to hear what the parents of our children at Ananth Nagar Electronics City, have to say in the Testimonials section.